Skulls & Roses Season 3 Auditions 2021 Online Registration: Skulls and Roses is a novel unscripted TV drama that joins two things that everybody likes, Romance and Adventure. The show has two islands one is the skull island and the other is the rose island. In the rose island, the members will experience passionate feelings for and in the skull island, their affection will be tried through a genuine of difficulties. The show highlights 16 members and these members are ordinary people and it has 10 scenes and in every scene member’s aptitudes will be tried in various manners. The show is facilitated by the Roadies twins, right now is the lord of skull island and Rajiv is the ruler of skull island and the two of them attempt to adjust to each other right now.

Skulls & Roses Season 3 Auditions 2021 Online Registration 

Skulls & Roses Season 3 Auditions 2021

The show serves joy and torment in equivalent measures and 16 members start their excursion with a science test set up Rajiv on the rose island. The members who can’t make it on the adoration island are tossed into the skull island where they will be caused to feel useless and agreeable. Each joy the member involved with the rose island needs to confront an equivalent measure of torment in the skull island. Interestingly, sets that had profound warmth in the rose island might not have them once they experience the skull island because in skull island it’s constantly about “ME” however in the rose island it’s about “WE”. The victor of this show can win more than 10 lakhs and also different advantages they will get just from taking an interest right now.

Each scene starts on rose Island. Challengers are then approached to discover their accomplices for that day then the pair needs to take a science test which will demonstrate the affection between them. The pair with the best science gets the opportunity to remain on the rose island rest of them will be sent to skull island. In skull island, the most noticeably terrible sort of treatment will be given to them which incorporates unpalatable nourishments, resting on the floors, and numerous tiring errands. Fundamentally, skulls and Roses is a blend of Roadies and Splitsvilla. The end happens when a person and a young lady are removed by individual competitors. Skulls and bones began their first season on 29 August and it contains 10 scenes and they are accessible on Amazon prime and on the off chance that you need to take part in their next season, at that point follow the underneath steps.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Anyone who is more than 18 years old and is courageous can be qualified to take part in the challenge.

Audition and Registration Details of Skulls and Roses Season 3, 2021 :

  • Go to their Facebook Page of Skulls and Roses or simply click on the connection: and click on the post welcoming tryouts, you’ll be taken to a Google Form. You have to have a Gmail Id to present your data right now. In the wake of filling all the subtleties, present the structure.
  • Alongside the structure, you will be required to transfer 2 photographs and a 2-minute presentation video of yourself. This can’t be acting tryout so you can talk anything you desire in your introduction video, simply make it intriguing and attempt to be common
  • The structure will likewise have numerous other essential and individual inquiries, which will be filled by you with fascinating and clever answers
  • When you present your data, judges will choose whether or not you’ll be required the following round.
  • The date and time of the tryout and enlistment have not been declared at this point. We will refresh it when it gets declared authoritatively on the official site.

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